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Today's Hospitals: Innovations in Technology and Medical Care Part IV

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Mom assisting daughter with a hospital meal 
Hospital Food is Getting Healthier

The hospital menus can be laden with high-fat comfort foods. There are some medical institutions that have even invited fast-food franchises to set up a stall on hospital premises. But today hospitals are becoming more positioned as models of healthy eating for patients and for employees. Diabetes-friendly, Heart-healthy and vegetarian selections are increasingly common. They also promote organic, and locally produce foods.

Woman advocating for her mother in hospital 
Patient Advocates Can Also Help
Consumer groups say your hospital stay will be safer and comfortable if there is another person there in your room to watch out for you and will be the one to ask questions on your behalf. Most often families assign and ask relatives or close friends to serve as patient advocates.

Woman arguing with nurse in hospital 
Patient Advocate's Strengths
Patient Advocates should be able to help you carry off your care, ask questions, express concerns on your behalf, and will be the one to do the research and keep track of your treatment options and medicines. Advocates are most helpful when they raise their concerns with a healthy dose of kindness and respect. There are families who hire professional patient advocates. Sometimes hospitals have patient advocates on staff already that will help you.

Pregnant woman researching hospitals online 
Quality of the Hospital Goes Public
There are some organizations that make hospital information public so that you can check out the hospitals' quality at anytime you want.There are several ways to find hospital information , including The Joint Commission's "Quality Check" program, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' "Hospital Compare" tool, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. There are also states that offer hospital quality websites.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to Choose a Hospital?

We all get ill for various reasons,at any point of our lives and for that we should know ahead of time and be aware of the medical center that can give you imminent treatment or test. It is very important for a patient to know what the hospital's services are that will suit their requirements.

First you make a list of your preferred hospitals, which gives you treatment of your medical condition. For example, if there is someone who needs a heart surgery then it might be possible that a smaller or nearby hospital doesn't provide such surgery. There also hospitals that are unequipped or they don't have specialized doctors to perform the certain procedure.
So How to choose a good hospital?
I have here a few points that you might want to consider:

1. Health Insurance Security: You should check if your health insurance or medi-claim covers that hospital.

2.Doctor Preference: You may have a preferred doctor. In that case, you'll have to check if that doctor is connected with any of the medical centers in question.

3. Distance: Is the hospital located at a convenient distance from your residence? You do not want to choose a hospital which is located very far away. And that the travel would take long and make it difficult.

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4. Security Question: Does the hospital allow an individual to attend by your bedside 24/7? It is very important that you check with the hospital authorities in case you want to look after your dear ones closely. 

5.Privacy Concerns: Do you want to be in private rooms? Does the hospital offers it? There are many medical centers that doesn't offer any private rooms; all they have are general wards. So, if you what to be in a private room because of your medical condition, inquire if your chosen hospital provides it. 

6.Safe or Unsafe: Does the hospital have a safe track record? Every state health department has a track record of every hospital. You can first review the hospitals on your list and find out which one you'd like to choose.
Remember not to forget to ask your doctor about their role in treating you at the hospital. Now, whichever hospital you select and howsoever long you stay; make sure you keep yourself safe.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Today's Hospitals: Innovations in Technology and Medical Care Part III

Detail of a presurgery checklist 
Safety Awareness
When performing complex procedures, even experienced hospital staffs can miss a step. However, to avoid these some hospitals are adapting new methods used in aviation and the military to help them improve patient safety. "Situation awareness" training –It is knowing what's going on with patients at all times .This helps staff in avoiding complications and reduce infection rates. Using checklists and time-outs for final verification before the start of every surgery reduces errors, too.

Doctor washing hands after seeing patient 
Fight against Infections
Hospitals are considered a place of healing. But 99,000 patients are estimated to die each year from dangerous infections acquired during their stay in the hospitals. These mainly include infections of the bloodstream, uti, and surgical sites. But here is the good news: Some hospital-acquired infection rates are dropping, like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which declined 28% from 2005 to 2008. The reasons for the drop include increased alertness, improved hand-washing hygiene, and other MRSA-prevention steps. 

Nurse fitting patient with surgical stocking

Fighting Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

There are at least 50,000 of patients a year that dies from pulmonary embolism. This is a very dangerous condition to where blood clots most often in the legs travel to the lungs, where they cut off blood flow. The risk factors for DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis include surgeries and bed rest which is most common for hospital patients. Hospitals reduce this complication through the use of faster treatment and anti-clot medications before surgery, and by encouraging patients to move around after surgery. There are devices like the screening tools, compression stockings that helps the patients recovery. 

Man in hyperbaric chamber at wound care center

Specialty Hospitals Offering Options

There are already hospitals that has its specializations of surgeries, such as heart or spine surgery. Specialty hospitals often uses the very latest resources for their work. So more focused care also can mean acquiring quality care at lower costs.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today's Hospitals: Innovations in Technology and Medical Care Part II

Mother nursing newborn in hospital bed 
  The Rise of 'Rooming In'
Generations ago, newborns were taken away to nurseries while their moms recover elsewhere. Later, hospitals sent families home with bottles of formula. Today, labor, delivery, and recovery often occur in the same space, with mothers and infants staying together and benefiting from skin-to-skin contact. Breast milk is best for babies, unless the mother has a specific medical reason not to breastfeed. Experts say "rooming in" promotes this natural process.

Doctor using remote to direct the RP6 Robot 
Connecting with Rural Hospitals

The rural hospital experience is now transforming because of modern technology.There are already robots who helps specialists rapidly diagnose stroke cases and consult on treatment in multiple far-flung hospital locations. Unlike the usual video conferencing, robots can approach the bedside along with the attending physician. Similar technology is emerging in cancer and other highly specialized fields.

Digitially generated prescriptions  
Medication Errors Prevention
Now, hospitals can employ several methods to make sure the right medicine reaches the right patient. These include computerized medication orders rather than handwritten notes, "smart" IV pumps that alert nurses to unsafe dose levels, and computer-controlled storage cabinets that use barcode scanning and other safety features.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today's Hospitals: Innovations in Technology and Medical Care Part I

A patients point of view from a gurney

What Lands You in a Hospital Today?

How do you Land in a Hospital Today?
Based on a study ,more than 34 million Americans are being discharged from hospitals each year.The most common reasons are pneuomonia, congestive heart failure, pregnancy or childbirth,coronary artery disease and osteoarthritis. While some other reasons for those who seek hospital care remains fairly constant, hospitals are now using technology to improve the experience of patience in their recovery and wellness.

Nurse filling in patient data on electronic tablet

Medical Records are now Digital

Hospitals are now gradually shifting from paperworks to electronic medical records to minimize errors, comply with hospital regulations, and to enable scattered care providers to share data/information. Record systems can vary widely. There are hospitals that allow doctors to write their prescriptions online, access test results, and view medical images. However, many hospital systems are not yet fully integrated with the physician offices.

The Da Vinci robot surgical system in use

Robotic Surgery

We all know that robots will never replace actual human surgeons in hospitals. But these high tech devices can move with great precision and can hold instruments steady for long periods. The surgeons are the ones who guide the robotic “hands” from the same room or from a remote location. Surgeries that uses robotic systems include hip replacement, reversal of tubal ligations, removal of prostate, gallbladder, or kidney, kidney transplant, and many gastrointestinal procedures.



Mom assisting daughter with a hospital meal

Smart Design Matters

The environment in hospitals greatly affect patient outcomes. Some of the hospital designs are intended to incorporate to the new technology. Strategically located sinks , better air filtration will help reduce infection risk. There are also Noise control which improves sleep and recovery , especially for young children. Music, access to sunlight and nature view can also enhance the stay of patients. The improvements lead to more staff satisfaction as well.

Welcoming Families

There are already some hospitals already that are moving away from semi-private rooms and imposing strict limits on visitors in favor of family-friendly designs and policies. New designs might include more private rooms to encourage family members to stay overnight.


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Modern Hospital Equipment

In modern age , almost anything is improving thru developments of high-tech gadgets. The healthcare industry is also acquiring the innovation to cope up with the rise of technology.

Hospital Equipment and Hospital beds is now modern in its design and is used and is available globally.

Medical Equipments that is used daily such as treatment on couches and bandage trolleys have also been updated thru the modern technology being offered in the market today.

The beds in the hospital that were designed years ago has been overhauled with patient comfort and is giving easier nursing care at the forefront of our minds. And also the Beds now have moveable parts that will allow a patient to have a degree of comfort in their own home.

In today's time people with serious health issues for both the young and elderly can now be accommodated by hospitals with modern equipments with full trust that they will be given the excellent treatment.

It is important that hospitals will acquire the fast changing developments,from the hospital design down to its maintenance, not only with the private hospitals but as well as with the government hospitals.

Friday, May 25, 2012

6 Factors of Patient Safety in Hospitals

Patient safety in any hospital or healthcare treatment facility is one of the primary concerns around the world. Hospital designs and Hospital maintenance should be taken into consideration.

Here are some of the things that contributes to patient safety:

  • Hygiene
  • Fire Safety
  • Security
  • Waste Management
  • Equipments
  • Positive Patient Identification
Globally at least 1.4 million people are suffering from infections that is caused by improper hygiene in a hospital, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Proper hygiene consist of making sure that all the surfaces such as the walls, the floors and the table-tops are always clean and sterile. Tthe linens of hospital beds should always be fresh and that all medical staff should sterilize their hands in the proper manner, before and after seeing every patient.

Fire Safety
In a healthcare design, it is very necessary to have a properly functioning fire system in place that meets industry standards and is up-to-date on inspections. Patients at a hospital cannot encounter a greater risk to their health than a fire occurring while they are incapacitated in a hospital bed. Their should be Fire exits and it should be clearly marked and the procedures for a fire-risk emergency is posted to the public.

Security safety is important for several reasons. Secure-area intrusions, theft, fighting and kidnapping are not uncommon and should not occur due to poor security measures. Locked doors to sensitive areas, personnel identification, secured medical supplies and properly trained security staff is necessary in order to avoid such mishaps as mentioned above.

Waste Management
Hospital maintenance includes the disposal of dangerous waste material which is crucial and that hospital should ensure no patients or any unsuspecting person in a medical facility comes into contact with it. For example: Contact with a used needle could transfer diseases such as aids to someone who is accidentally pricked . The Disposal of medical waste needs to be handled on a daily basis and is guided according to a strict procedure. All medical waste should be disposed and destroyed at once.


The hospital equipments in the hospital should function properly and those who are operating the equipment should be properly trained and certified to work with it. There were recorded cases that there were deaths or injuries due to medical negligence that happened because of alleged equipment “malfunction”, only to find out that the medical staff operating it is not certified and did not received the correct training.

Positive Patient Identification
In any hospital the patients need to be accurately marked and that the hospital should have full patient file on hand before any procedure be undertaken or drug will be administered to a patient. It is uncommon that people have had unnecessary surgeries performed on them or an incorrect drug is being administered to them because of mistaken identity.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hospitals in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the home of some of the world best medical facilities.

Recent years, the Saudi regime has invested heavily in the country's healthcare infrastructure and medical facilities. It has been committed to provide large quantities of financing to produce some of the worlds top doctors to the nation.

Here is a list of hospitals in Saudi Arabia that provides you with some of the bestmedical facilities in the country. 

Almana General Hospital
Head Office Telephone: +966 3 8948300 
Al Khobar
P.O. Box 311, Prince Talal Street, Al Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: +966 3 8987000, Fax: +966 3 8980694
Al Dammam
P.O. Box 2366, Dammam 31451
Telephone: +966 3 8262111, Fax: +966 3 8274747
Al Hofuf
P.O. Box 50367, Pin Code 31982, Al Salhiyah, Al Najah St., Al Ahsa, Hofuf
Telephone: +966 3 5887000, Fax: +966 3 5887005
King Fahd Medical Complex
P.Bo.No-946, Dhahran-31932, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: +966 8 440000, Fax: +966-8440000-4594
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
P.O.Box 3354, Riyadh 11211, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: 966-1-464-7272, Fax: 966-1-441-4839
Magrabi Hospital
Eye and Ear Hospital Jeddah
Khozam Street- Kilo 3, Makkah Road
Telephone: (+9662) 6365000, Fax: (+9662)6366164
Eye and Ear Centre Al Madinah
Airport Road
Telephone: (+9664) 8423252, Fax: (+9664) 842 3346
Eye and Ear Centre Riyadh
Ring Road East Exit 14, Rabwa District
Telephone: (+9661) 4455049, Fax: (+9661) 4455021
Dental Centre Jeddah
Madina Road
Telephone: (+9662) 6644999, Fax: (+9662) 6650200
King Abdul Aziz University Hospital
P.O.Box 7897, Riyadh 11159, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: 478-6100
King Abdul Aziz University Hospital Jeddah
Ali Al Murtada Road, P.O. Box 1540, Jeddah 21441, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
General telephone: 640-1000
King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital
Jaber Alsabah Road (Khasmalan Road), P.O.Box 22490, Riyadh 11426
Telephone: 252-0088
King Fahd Hospital Jeddah
P.O.Box 8488, Jeddah 21196, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
General telephone: 660-6111
King Faisal Specialist Hospital
Al Zahrawi Street, P.O.Box 3354, Riyadh 11211, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
General telephone: 464-7272
Emergency Room: 442-3398
Poison Control: 442-7604
Al Subhi Medical Poly Clinics
P.O.Box : 25349 Postal Code : 11466, Al Rowdah Dist., Riyadh
Tel: 01 2335000, Fax: 01 2358887
Al Yousif Hospital For Medical Services
P.O.Box : 1692 Postal Code : 31952, Khobar City, Al Khobar City.
Tel: 03 8648123, Fax: 03 8642731
Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Mishari Hospital
P.O.Box : 56929 Postal Code : 11564, Ulaya, Riyadh City.
Tel: 01 4657700, Fax: 01 4625040
Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital
P.O.Box : 6519 Postal Code : 21452, Salama, Jeddah.
Tel: 02 6820022, Fax: 02 6917747
Hai Al Jamea Hospital Dr. Darweesh Moustafa Zagzoug
P.O.Box : 10153 Postal Code : 21433, Makkah Road, Jeddah.
Tel: 02 6806666 Fax: 02 6340006
International Medical Center
P.O.Box : 2172 Postal Code : 21451, Sharafiyah, Jeddah.
Tel: 02 6509000, Fax: 02 6509290
Kingdom Hospital
P.O.Box : 84400 Postal Code : 11671, Mursalat, Riyadh City.
Tel: 01 2751111, Fax: 01 2750234
King Khalid University Hospital
Ad'Diriyah District, P.O. Box 7805, Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
General telephone: 467-0011
King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital
P.O.Box 7191, Riyadh 11462, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
General telephone: 482-1234
Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre
P.O.Box 9991, Riyadh 11625, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
General telephone: 479-1000
Prince Salman Hospital
P.O.Box 56773, Riyadh 11564, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
General telephone: 441-1100
Maternity and Children's Hospital
P.O.Box 13877, Jeddah 21414, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
General Telephone: 665-2600

Najd Specialized Hospital
P.O.Box : 41116 Postal Code : 11521, Khurais Road, Riyadh City. Tel: 01 4917849 - Fax: 01 4455024

National Hospital
P.O.Box : 2715 Postal Code : 11461, Malaz, Riyadh City.
Tel: 01 2914285 - Fax: 01 4767546
National Medical Care Co.
P.O.Box : 29393 Postal Code : 11457, Khurais Road, Riyadh City. Tel: 01 4931881
Obeid Specialized Hospital
P.O.Box : 3484 Postal Code : 11471, Malaz, Riyadh City.
Tel: 01 4762695 - Fax: 01 2065783
Riyadh Chinese Medical Center
P.O.Box : 59181 Postal Code : 11525, Ulaya, Riyadh City.
Tel: 01 2801799 - Fax: 01 2801808
Saudi European Dental Clinic
P.O.Box : 1888 Postal Code : 31441, Mujammah, Dammam City.
Tel: 03 8277700, Fax: 03 8291499
Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Humanitarian City
P.O.Box : 64399 Postal Code : 11536, Militray Academy, Riyadh City.
Tel: 01 5620000, Fax: 01 5620056



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The Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World

Over the years Hospital architecture and designs have changed.
They were once white walls and blunt decor but now they have indulge to vibrant colors and those eye-catching materials on the interiors and exteriors of the infrastructures.
The factors in today's best designs have been proven to help in the improvement of patient care.
In coming up with this list of The 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World, it's the interior and exterior features and their health-promoting attributes were taken into consideration.

It is through their settings that were natural to look at that enabled these facilities on the list. They considered the designs whose elements are inspired by nature. And also the soft color schemes were great factors to be on top of the list. The facades in the exterior were also highlighted.

This attest that the design that were health-focused has no boundaries at all.

These are the 25 most beautiful hospitals in the world:


25. Forest Park Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA

ForestPark Designed by: Ascension Group

Recently expanded, the Forest Park Medical Center in Dallas offers many upgraded, state-of-the-art amenities and a beautiful design. In addition to the added 14 operating rooms, 48 private patient beds and 12 ICU beds, the expansion also includes a Class A, 6-story, 130,000-square-foot medical office building. The interior includes spaces with auditorium-style seating, modern lounge areas, floor to ceiling glass walls, and cool tones to give the building a modern feel. Patient rooms are warm and comfortable, utilizing elements like hardwood floors, large windows, and sleek finishes to make a patient's stay more like a luxury retreat than a recovery period. The modern design flows out to the exterior, where there are areas for drive-thru banking, restaurants, pharmacy and other retail opportunities to make this more than just a hospital.


24. Sumner Regional Medical Center, Gallatin, TN, USA

 Designed by: Gresham Smith & Partners

This 155-bed hospital is attractive to the eye on the inside and on the outside. The interior is finished with comfortable leather lounging chairs, marble accents, and entertainment-style televisions to allow patients and their visitors to feel at home. With careful consideration to the use of glass walls, the hospital also keeps a warm and inviting environment by their balance between natural and artificial light. On the exterior, a high glass tower takes center stage and is surrounded by a mix of glass and other warm materials. Lush landscaping completes the design, and is tended to by a in-house landscaping and maintenance staff.


23. Rudolfinerhaus – Vienna, Austria

 This hospital is set in a quiet residential neighborhood, and its architectural design fits in perfectly with the surrounding buildings and homes. The exterior landscape complements the design, with lush and tended-to greens and shrubbery that invite patients and guests to spend free time outdoors. With the feel of a luxury hotel on the interior, patients can experience a peaceful and relaxing recovery time, and often remark that they feel more like a "guest" than a patient. Rudolfinerhaus has over 100 stylishly furnished private and semi-private rooms, with a total of 156 beds in 7 care units.


22. Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital – Roanoke, VA, USA

A mix of new and old architecture comes together at this hospital so that visitors will not notice a stark change in design, only a uniform and flowing expansion that unifies functionality and operations. The interior features many of the amenities of similar hospitals, like semi-private and private rooms, housekeeping, and more, but the real attraction to CRMH comes with its exterior design. One side of the hospital uses brick and concrete to frame the windows of patient rooms while a new, modern expansion utilizes walls of glass as the main design element on its curved facade.

21. Hospital Punta Pacifica – Panama City, Panama

Designed by: EDOTEC S.A.Affiliated with Johns Hopkins 

 Medicine International, this hospital has been recognized as one of Central and South America's most advanced medical centers and is a top destination for Medical Tourism. Facilities include 51 modern and private rooms, 11 suites and 1 presidential suite, all specially designed to promote and enhance rapid recovery. The setting of the hospital adds to its appeal, as it sits along the Pacific Ocean in one of Panama City's most prestigious neighborhoods. Light and dark contrasting materials allow the eye to be pulled in to its horizontal exterior design, where glass and concrete come together to create beauty near the sea.

20. Medical University of South Carolina Ashley River Tower – Charleston, SC, USA

Designed by: NBBJ and LS3P Associates

This hospital's beautiful setting along the Charleston Peninsula alone gives it a place on this list, but it also has great amenities and a hotel-like interior design.The entrance, lined with lush landscaping and bluestone tiles, allows patients and their families to drive right up to the doors, then leave their car for the valet service to park. Inside, a 6,000 ft. conservatory with glass walls, skylights,& indoor plants welcomes patients and visitors while serving as the connector between the two main wings of the building. For patients, privacy is assured with their 156 single person rooms, complete with a full bath and pull-out couch for family & visitors.

prince of wales hospital 19. Prince of Wales Private Hospital – Sydney, Australia

Designed by: DesignInc
Located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, this hospital has both private and shared facilities, including 168 overnight beds with modern amenities. Attractive designs utilizing structural steel framing and glass along with unique architectural details on the exterior compliment the modern facilities on the interior. Newly renovated operating rooms also lend to the modern and sleek design of the interior, as well as improve its functionality and equipment quality.

18.Providence Alaska Medical Center – Anchorage, AK, USA

Designed by: Aesthetics, Inc.
Described by visitors and patients as "functional and stunning", this high-tech medical center has a lot to offer medically and aesthetically in addition its beautiful setting. The campus is undergoing a $150 million renovation and expansion to its NICU, Prenatal, and Mother Baby Units, slated for completion in 2014. Aside from semi-private and private patient rooms, this hospital also features a family resource library and a nearby guest house for families and those undergoing outpatient procedures.

17. Klinik Hirslanden – Zurich, Switzerland

The Klinik Hirslanden has a sleek, modern design on the interior and exterior, and houses 259 single and double rooms. Besides amenities like cable television, internet, adjustable beds, full baths, and a housekeeping service that tends to the fresh flowers in each room 3 times a week. With a program called Hirsland Privé, the hospital provides a Guest-Relations service which offers patients the services of an attendant to care to their personal concerns. Hirslanden also invests heavily in the latest medical technologies and established Switzerland's first CyberKnife radiosurgery unit.

16.Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula – Monterey, CA, USA

                              community hospital monterey
Designed by: Edward Durrel Stone
Situated on the California coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean on environmentally protected land, this hospital's description alone is enough to invite any potential patient into the facility. The redesign of the building in the early part of the millennium was intended to adhere to the design intentions from the original architect, Edward Durell Stone, with low, striking roof lines and natural lighting throughout each public space.

15. Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital – Vancouver, WA, USA


Designed by: Walker Macy
From the outside, this six-story hospital lights up the sky with its elevated glass walkways and pulls in the eye with curved facades and a mix of materials, like stone, glass, brick, and metal that carry through to the inside. Outdoor courtyard spaces and terraces help visitors and staff find peace outside of the walls of the hospital, while natural light and warm hues are used inside to help extend that outdoor feeling to the inside. Two large, L-shaped patient towers are situated to optimize the views of neighboring Mt. Hood and the surrounding natural habitat.

14. Clemenceau Medical Center – Beirut, Labanon

Designed by: Khatib & Alami – Consolidated Engineering Company
CMC, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, boasts a "5-star hotel ambiance" with conveniences like televisions and Internet access for its patients. A modern glass and concrete exterior is complimented with spacious interior rooms that allow for a "cozy" feeling. The interior design also allows them to use innovative medical equipment like completely film-less digital imaging centers and real-time video conferencing equipment to connect with other physicians and specialists inside or outside of CMC.

13. Dixie Regional Medical Center – St. George, UT, USA

                    dixie regional

Designed by: Anshen+Allen Architects

Located in a desert setting near Zion National Park in Utah, the architects and designers of this hospital had to take a lot into consideration to avoid heat gain, like building orientation and sun-shading. The designers took their inspiration from the land in the surrounding Zion canyons, and utilized skylights to bring the natural light deep into the building. The interior features all single rooms and has a central concourse that connects all of the different buildings in the complex, offering separate entrances for major services such as surgery, cardiology, and imaging. From the inside, patients and visitors can view to the surrounding desert, Xeriscape gardens full of indigenous plants, and water features all around the facility.

12. Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies – Orlando, FL, USA

                      winnie palmer

Designed by: Jonathan Bailey Associates
This hospital was designed with beauty and function in mind for the interior and the exterior. From the extensive use of glass to illuminate the interiors with natural light, the vertical structures to improve patient-staff proximity and observation, and a glass globe entry way, this hospital uses its unique design as a main component of the healing and recovery process. The interior is filled with calming colors and tones and patient rooms were designed for ultimate privacy.

11. St. Luke's Medical Center -  Global City, Philippines

                                      st. lukes

SLMC has received international accreditation and is recognized as one of the best hospitals in Asia and the entire world.  As such, it regularly receives patients from around Asia, Micronesia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. This hospital holds 650 patient beds, with almost half of those available as fully-furnished, private suites with televisions and other modern conveniences to make every visit as comfortable as possible.

10. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Designed by: Astorino

Innovative and welcoming, this hospital successfully merges technological advancements with soothing and comforting design for its visitors. Full integration of technologies like EHR and CPOE, the pediatric hospital is one of the leading in the country and has designed its campus with a family-friendly feel, complete with playful interiors, private rooms, a family resource center with a four-story atrium and dining area, a Healing Garden  library, musical therapy room, and a business center for families and parents.

9. The London Clinic – London, England, United Kingdom

london clinic

Designed by: Floyd Slaski

This facility was designed with patients' comfort in mind and includes soothing interior colors and the use of natural light (even in lower-level patient rooms through the use of a light atrium) with modern amenities like flat screen televisions in each patient room. In addition to the design and furnishings, The London Clinic also commissioned an integrated arts program to be a part of their design for comfort and well-being.

8. St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, Siena Campus – Las Vegas, NV, USA

st. rose dominican siena
Designed by: HKS, Inc.
This Spanish missions-style building is not only appealing to the eye from the exterior, but from the interior as well. From the inside, patients and their families have great views of downtown Las Vegas and nearby desert landscape. The interior has incredible features that help visitors feel more welcomed, like the 100-foot bell tower and entry rotunda, including encouraging and biblical quotations that are reflected throughout the entire facility, and a  ¾-acre indoor garden where visitors can take gardening classes and enjoy the beauty of desert plant life.

7. Bumrungrad International Hospital - Bangkok, Thailand

Designed by: Design Worldwide Partnership (dwp)

This hospital is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world, and treats over 400,000 foreign patients each year from various countries like Sweden, the United States, China, and Afghanistan. The designs of the patient rooms use soothing colors and warm furnishings, like natural woods and plush fabrics. With air-conditioned walkways connecting several towers that make up the main structure, the hospital also includes two levels of restaurants and shopping areas.

6. UPMC Hamot Women's Hospital – Erie, PA, USA

UPMC Hamot

Designed by: Rectenwald Architects, Inc.

This newly constructed facility offers patients and visitors a grand 2-story entryway, 40-foot water wall, and picturesque views of nearby Presque Isle Bay and the neighboring downtown area. The interior evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation for patients and mothers-to-be with warm earth tones and comfortable furnishings. From spa-like delivery rooms to indoor "outdoor" rooms that cater to newborns and families housed in the NICU, designers use calming affects and finishes to bring comfort to all who are visiting.

5. The City Hospital – Dubai, UAE

City Hospital Dubai

Designed by Ellerbe Becket, an AECOM Company
This hospital can sometimes make patients feel like they're in a 5-star luxury hotel instead of a care facility. It offers patients and their families access to a heated indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna, Jacuzzi and gym, along with the VIP floor that has a separate entrance, elevators and valet service, with 12 suites that are designed and furnished to provide the highest levels of comfort.

4. Florida Hospital Waterman – Tavares, FL, USA

florida waterman

Designed by: Jonathan Bailey Associates

This hospital was designed with patients, staff, and the environment in mind. In addition to multiple staff rooms to eliminate noise and "stuffy" areas, the hospital was also designed around the natural habitat of endangered birds that call the area home. This included non-reflective exterior glass, investigations in flight patterns, and altering helicopter routes around the birds' natural flight paths. On the exterior, an eye-catching hovering roof connects the modern addition to the hospital with one of its original buildings, while the interior boasts a hotel-like ambiance with a concierge at the entrance and soft, comforting furniture throughout.

3. Matilda International Hospital – Hong Kong, China

This modern hospital in Hong Kong is beautifully situated on the historic Victoria Peak, known informally as  "The Peak", overlooking the South China Sea on Hong Kong Island. On the inside, its "operating theater" uses innovative designs with glass paneled walls and LED lighting along with ceiling pendants to maximize the flexibility of the room.

2. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital – Bloomfield, MI, USA

Designed by: Albert Kahn & Assoc.

Not only does this 160-acre hospital campus have aesthetically pleasing  buildings on the exterior as well as a shopping mall-like interior, but it is also LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)  Certified for its use of natural light for heating and cooling, rainwater collection and filtration system,  recycling programs, and more. With wide use of interior landscaping and design, visitors and patients almost never feel like they're in a hospital.

1. Sharp Memorial Hospital – San Diego, CA, USA

Designed by: NBBJ
Often compared to a high-end department store or hotel, this hospital's design is a sharp contrast to the sterile white walls and big bulky equipment that often comes to mind when we think of large medical facilities. Equipped with a separate set of elevators for patients or medical staff and the public, as well as a rooftop garden, all private rooms with pull-out couches for guests, and museum-quality paintings adorning the walls, patients and their families may be tempted to stay longer just for the fun of it.