Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today's Hospitals: Innovations in Technology and Medical Care Part I

A patients point of view from a gurney

What Lands You in a Hospital Today?

How do you Land in a Hospital Today?
Based on a study ,more than 34 million Americans are being discharged from hospitals each year.The most common reasons are pneuomonia, congestive heart failure, pregnancy or childbirth,coronary artery disease and osteoarthritis. While some other reasons for those who seek hospital care remains fairly constant, hospitals are now using technology to improve the experience of patience in their recovery and wellness.

Nurse filling in patient data on electronic tablet

Medical Records are now Digital

Hospitals are now gradually shifting from paperworks to electronic medical records to minimize errors, comply with hospital regulations, and to enable scattered care providers to share data/information. Record systems can vary widely. There are hospitals that allow doctors to write their prescriptions online, access test results, and view medical images. However, many hospital systems are not yet fully integrated with the physician offices.

The Da Vinci robot surgical system in use

Robotic Surgery

We all know that robots will never replace actual human surgeons in hospitals. But these high tech devices can move with great precision and can hold instruments steady for long periods. The surgeons are the ones who guide the robotic “hands” from the same room or from a remote location. Surgeries that uses robotic systems include hip replacement, reversal of tubal ligations, removal of prostate, gallbladder, or kidney, kidney transplant, and many gastrointestinal procedures.



Mom assisting daughter with a hospital meal

Smart Design Matters

The environment in hospitals greatly affect patient outcomes. Some of the hospital designs are intended to incorporate to the new technology. Strategically located sinks , better air filtration will help reduce infection risk. There are also Noise control which improves sleep and recovery , especially for young children. Music, access to sunlight and nature view can also enhance the stay of patients. The improvements lead to more staff satisfaction as well.

Welcoming Families

There are already some hospitals already that are moving away from semi-private rooms and imposing strict limits on visitors in favor of family-friendly designs and policies. New designs might include more private rooms to encourage family members to stay overnight.


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