Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today's Hospitals: Innovations in Technology and Medical Care Part II

Mother nursing newborn in hospital bed 
  The Rise of 'Rooming In'
Generations ago, newborns were taken away to nurseries while their moms recover elsewhere. Later, hospitals sent families home with bottles of formula. Today, labor, delivery, and recovery often occur in the same space, with mothers and infants staying together and benefiting from skin-to-skin contact. Breast milk is best for babies, unless the mother has a specific medical reason not to breastfeed. Experts say "rooming in" promotes this natural process.

Doctor using remote to direct the RP6 Robot 
Connecting with Rural Hospitals

The rural hospital experience is now transforming because of modern technology.There are already robots who helps specialists rapidly diagnose stroke cases and consult on treatment in multiple far-flung hospital locations. Unlike the usual video conferencing, robots can approach the bedside along with the attending physician. Similar technology is emerging in cancer and other highly specialized fields.

Digitially generated prescriptions  
Medication Errors Prevention
Now, hospitals can employ several methods to make sure the right medicine reaches the right patient. These include computerized medication orders rather than handwritten notes, "smart" IV pumps that alert nurses to unsafe dose levels, and computer-controlled storage cabinets that use barcode scanning and other safety features.

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