Friday, May 4, 2012

Medical Clinics in Saudi Arabia

Whenever you are out traveling. Its good to have a small list of Medical Clinics to the place you are going, well in some cases you might never know when emergencies arise.
If you are going to live in or visit Saudi Arabia, it'll be helpful if you know where you can find the nearest medical clinics.

So here's the list of Medical Clinics in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Center, Saudi Arabia
a highly reputable and one of the largest providers of comprehensive healthcare services in the Middle East. HMG is currently operating 9 Medical Facilities, including 7 Hospitals and 3 Medical Centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE

International Medical Center - IMC
The 300 bed, state-of-the-art International Medical Center (IMC) is a multidisciplinary hospital that is committed to delivering a service like no other. One that would captivate it’s visitors and staff, engulfing them in it’s new approach to medicine and building a new culture that will take patience to grow but will soon be transmitted to future generations as the Islamic standards in healthcare.

Child Guidance Clinic
CGC aims to raise awareness on important problems and psychological illness among children.

Derma Clinic Saudi Arabia
This is a center for dermatology, laser and plastic surgery in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Dukair Clinic Saudi Arabia
Offers a complete medical services to companies, individuals and insurance companies in Saudi Arabia.

In this clinic you can avail their Laser hair removal.

Samir Abbas Center, Saudi Arabia
SAC offers medical & health services and solutions for women in Saudi Arabia.

Specialized Clinics, Saudi Arabia
A Medical center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that provides specialized medical services in the areas of dermatology, plastic surgery, orthopaedics and orthoplasty and ENT surgery.

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